Anfohen is the trade name of ammonium nitrate mixture and diesel fuel.

  • The mixture, serving as the main charge at quarries and field development works, is manufactured at the plant and packed in paper bags of 20 Kg.
  • For quarried and work sites in which the drilling diameter is at least 4″ and the access roads are convenient, the Anfohen is provided by tankers in bulk.
  • Anfohen is not sensitive to a detonator. In order to activate it properly a primer, such as Henamex is to be used.
  • Anfohen is not water-resistant.
  • Loading the vertical drills is easily made thanks to the good flowing properties of the Anfohen.
  • The Anfohen is a material safe for use.
  • Its sensitivity to blow, rubbing and shock waves are low.


The use of Anfohen

Anfohen serve as main charge in mining and quarrying works in limestone quarries, in constructing roads and field development works and in all types of large explosion works where there are no problems of water or moisture in the drills


  • General

Anfohen is an explosive economically efficient. It is the cheapest among the commercial explosives.

  • Safety advantage

Anfohen is a substance with low sensitivity. A primer, such as Henamex is required to activate it.

  • Good explosion results

The preparation of Anfohen at the plant under controlled conditions ensures uniformity of material and good explosion results.

  • Adaptation to work

Anfohen is suitable for all types of works: quarrying, mining, area development, etc.

  • Packaging and transportation

Paper bags provide convenient workmanship and good suitability for customer needs.

Flow into the drill using tankers in very large work volumes.

  • Health

Anfohen does not contain nitroglycerin and does not cause headaches.

  • Activation

The Anfohen is activated by a primer. The size of the primer for activating the Anfohen depends on the size of the charge, the drill diameter, the drill depth etc.

It is recommended to prepare the primer with a Henamex cartridge carrying the detonator.

  • quarrying
  • mining


Density g/ccDetonation speed m/SecDetonation pressure kBAREnergy Cal/gr
Anfohen0.75-0.85400040880Non-resistantTo be activated with a Primer

Standard Technical Description


  Unit weight Kg No. of units
in a box
Box weight Kg Packaging color
Paper bags 20     Blue caption
A tanker (on a truck) 14000      


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