Henamex is a trade name of an explosive based on ammonium nitrate and mineral oil.

  • The mixture does not include nitroglycerin and does not cause headaches.
  • The Henamex has proven its efficiency in mining and quarrying works.
  • Thanks to the high detonation speed and its sensitivity to operation by No.8 detonator is serves as a primer for initiating main explosive (Anfohen or Henamit in bulk).


Use of Henamex

  • Mining and quarrying works in which explosives with high energy are required for rock crushing.
  • Mining and quarrying works, in which explosive with high detonation speed and sensitivity to operation by detonator is required, for initiating the main explosive (Anfohen or Henamit).
  • Mining and quarrying works where water resistant explosive is required.
  • Underground mining and quarrying works of horizontal drilling.
  • In underwater explosions, Henamex is resistant to hydrostatic pressure of up to 100 meters.
  • The high detonation speed and the high gas volume ensure good crushing and removal of stone.
  • Under ordinary storage conditions, the explosive properties of the Henamex do not change for one year from the date of production.


  • Henamex serves as main explosive at quarrying works of small diameter.
  • Henamex stands out for its high water resistance.
  • Henamex is packed in plastic cartridges.
  • The good oxygen balance and the plastic shape of the Henamex enable efficient use at underground works and horizontal drillings.
  • quarrying
  • environment
  • mining
  • non-civilian-appliction


Density g/ccDetonation speed m/SecDetonation speed kBARWater-resistanceGas qualityOperation
Henamex 7101.08-1,155,000-5,50078Very goodVery goodDetonator no.
Detonating cord

Standard Technical Description


  Unit weight Kg Number of units is a box Weight of box Packing color Notes
Henamex 40X200mm 0,300 44 13  


Henamex 40X400mm 0,625 40 25  
Henamex 50X200mm 0,465 28 13  
Henamex 50X400mm 0,96 26 25  
Henamex 65X400mm 1,66 15 25  
Henamex 80X400mm 2,50 10 25  

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