Henamit is the trade name of an emulsion explosive mixture based on ammonium nitrate and mineral oil.

  • Henamit is used as a main explosive in mining and quarrying in quarries and in field development works.
  • The Henamit is manufactured in the factory and shipped in designated containers to work sites. With the help of a pump and a flexible feed tube, the Henamit is transferred, in measured quantities and according to the customer’s request, from the containers directly into the drilled hole.
  • The Henamit is not sensitive to operation by detonator. For activation, Henamex cartridges should be used as a primer.
  • Loading vertical drills is easily done thanks to good flow properties, feed pressure through the pump and the feed tube.


Use of Henamit

Henamit serves as a main explosive in mining and quarrying works in quarries of stone and chalk, in construction of roads, in area development works and in any kind of large blasting operations when dealing with the need for a main explosive material with high water resistance, high speed detonation and the possibility of transporting the material to the drillings a few dozen meters from the location of the tanker.

Special use is made of the material to destroy special military munitions such as lighting, smoke and detonators/fuses that cannot be destroyed in any other way, but only by dismantling them.



  • The Henamit is activated by a primer
  • Henamex cartridges are the most suitable primer
  • A detonating cord is not to be used when working with Henamit


  • General

Henamit is an explosive, which release during the explosion high energy thanks to the high explosion speed and density. Therefore, the Henamit user is given the opportunity to space out the distances between the lines and the drills, to save explosives and drilling costs.

  • Quality and efficiency

Emulsion explosives of Henamit type can be applied with a pump, fed to the bottom of the drilled hole filling the volume of the hole with good contact on the sides.

All these qualities ensure maximum energy per meter.

The explosion results will be best with good crushing and removal of rock.

  • Safety

Henamit is an explosive with low operating sensitivity, safer during work. The Activation requires a Henamex primer.

  • Adaptation to work

Henamit is suitable for all quarrying and quarrying works and replaces the Anfohen in places where the drilling diameter, surface conditions, the rock, and moister conditions require higher quality explosives with the possibility of distant feeding.

  • Health

Henamit does not contain nitroglycerin and does not cause headaches. The oxygen balance of Henamit is good and therefore there is no danger of toxin gases as a result of the explosion.

  • quarrying
  • construction
  • mining
  • non-civilian-appliction


Density g/ccDetonation speed M/SecRelative efficiency Anfo=100Water resistanceOperationMinimum drill diameter
Henamit 11001.15- 1.1254,500-5,500113Very goodTo be activated with Henamex primer3"

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