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Detonating Cord

Explosives Manufacturing Industries imports a detonating cord allowing safe initiation of the explosion chain.

  • In quarrying works, detonating cord enables non-electric Operation.
  • The detonating cord serves as an explosive in seismic studies for oil and gas exploration.
  • The detonating cord contains an explosive core type P.E.T.N., wrapped in paper and textile fibers coated with P.V.C– so that the product is waterproof, flexible and easy for work and has high tear strength.
  • The cord contains 10gr P.E.T.N per meter and can be activated with an ordinary quarry detonator.
  • The cord’s detonation speed is about 6000 m/sec.
  • In the production process, the cord is carefully and continuously tested to ensure that the core of the explosive is intact throughout its length.
  • The cord is a safe product, easy to transport and store, and does not lose its properties even after prolonged storage.


  • Excellent for initiating an explosion under any conditions.
  • Most suitable for seismic work, for gas and oil exploration, because of the high and uniform speed of the explosion.
  • quarrying
  • mining
  • non-civilian-appliction



  • The detonating cord is wrapped on plastic drums containing 50 or 250 meters of cord.
  • The space at the center of the drum allows inserting and axis for facilitating the cord rolling during work.

Standard Technical Description


Quantity P.E.T.N


Color External diameter


Tear power


Packing Use
Detonating cord 10.5 Red 5+0.6 Drums of 50-250 m each Excellent  for initiating explosion under all conditions
12 Red 5+0.6
20 White 6+0.6
40 Green 7.8+0.6

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