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What is MuniRem?


  • MuniRem is a technology (patented) that implements Redox chemistry to neutralize and decompose explosives and energetic materials in different environments.
  • MuniRem is a solution for neutralizing and dismantling a wide range of explosives and ammunition including HMX, RDX, TNT, TNR, DNTs, NBs, NDMA, Black (CWM) Powder, Lead cast PBX, PENT, Nitrogaunidine, Nitrocellulose, reactive aluminum.
  • The decomposition products are not hazardous substances.
  • Explosives Manufacturing Industries Ltd. has exclusivity for distribution and sale in Israel.


Application of MuniRem


  • Treatment of polluted land with contaminated explosives both inside and outside the site.
  • Treatment of water polluted by contaminated explosives and heavy metals.
  • Treatment of structures/facilities/equipment polluted by contaminated explosives.
  • An alternative for purification by means of fire or detonation.
  • Handling bulk raw explosives


  • A quicker solution than the existing methods for purifying structures and land from hazardous explosives and heavy metals.
  • Safe for use
  • A cheaper solution when desiring to achieve complete dismantling of explosives.
  • An environmental product; the dismantling products are not hazardous to the environment and are dismantled biologically.

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